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6/9 Mistress Dead

Cit a posted Sep 29, 17

Finally slayed the fucking snake lady, video below:

4/9 Mythic Sisters Defeated

Cit a posted Aug 17, 17

Killed Sisters last night after much struggle, onward to Desolate Host.

We had our struggles on Gul'dan with near death experiences, missing milk carton rogues, and being transported to Australia but we toughed it out and got our kill.

Special thanks to Owlcat for being able to come in and do anything we needed of him and congrats on his mount...that doesn't fly.

And thank you again to everyone who endured through lag, "Oh, I got blown off the ledge", "I didn't know I was 3rd", "I didn't know it splashed", "Whose soak is it?!?", "Someone is in the middle" *dead*, "THE DEMONIC ESSENCE", and shit fires and eyes all day long.

We are now forging ahead to Tomb and are still looking for 1-2 more missing pieces that fit our raid who want to slay bosses on limited time, as always exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply.

ETA: Screenshot.

We achieved our Star Augur and Elisande kills over the past few weeks and are now concentrating on Gul'dan.

Star Augur Video

Elisande Video

ETA: Dead Elisande

We actually took a screenshot so that could possibly be here sooner or later.

Edit: it's sooner or later.

See our phat stream by esteemed people like Ruinlol:

Also check out Bill's amazing stream skills and send him any requests for games you would like to see him stream.

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